The longest female tongue in the world will make guys go crazy!

“Longe Toungue Lewis” is the nickname of 18 years old Adrianne Lewis Michigan. But why? Guess it: she has the longest tongue in the world – its 10 centimeter or whopping 4 inches long. Guiness Book World Record. With that long tongue she can even lick her eyes and even her eyeballs. She is training tricks with this nice part of her body and you can watch her on the Youtube video Barcroft TV here on BuzzerStar.

One last question is : What happens if „Longe Toungue Lewis“ is giving head? A nice sexy blowjob this tongue god should be every guys pleasure. We will see… Maybe first contracts for some soft porn video may already be lying on her desk. Happy sharing.

Source: Youtube / Barcroft TV

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