“Popcorn Time”: Watch TV Movies for free with the “Netflix” of Internet Pirates

Hungry for the latest movies Hollywood? Dont want to wait till the release of BluRay for your favorit TV-Series? Dont know what to watch with your girlfriend at the weekend?

Then lets start with some technical basics: Popcorn time is an application for Android, Apple iOS, Mac OSX or Windows PC. The frontend or GUI is a nice graphical design that allows you to browse thousands of pirated movies. Its like Netflix – with only one difference: Netflix you pay your service fee every month Popcorn allows you to stream every movie on earth for free. But keep this in mind: Popcorn Time uses BitTorrents as source for streaming. This means: Torrent movies are a big target for a lawsuit. If you want to use the Popcorn Time app then please make sure that you are allowed to do so or use a vpn service so that your internet connection of smartphone or PC/Mac is protected with Encryption. If you dont have money to buy a premium VPN service then please try this [External Link here]).

How lets come to the interessting part – the Popcorn Time Urls: (copy the bold part of the text and past it into your browser you can add “http://” before if you want)

  1. Stream PopCorn Time free Movies in your Web Browser:
  2. One of many PopCorn time Webpages:
  3. Download your PopcOrN Time App for Smartphone or Desktop here:
  4. Get the Source code and take part in the development of the Pirated Netflix:
  5. More Development stuff:

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