Main Topic: Mobile Detection Libary in pure Perl based on MobileDetect PHP Library from Serban Ghita

Here you can download software, that helps to run BuzzerStar

  1. Mobile Detect Perl Libary (allows you to use Perl to use the open source and free MobileDetect PHP Library from )

    Download Links are here - can also be found and

  2. Entwicklungswerkzeuge für DevOPS und Webentwickler:

  3. General Software Tools for can be found on my Sourceforge Website.

  4. BuzzerStar partners up with the Innovation Mangagement Websites - -

  5. Lustige Videos - basierend auf der BuzzerStar Technologie (Nginx,PHP,MySQL)
  6. BuzzerStar Runs a Lighttpd Server -
  7. BuzzerStar uses Spinxsearch to do real time searching for new posts on Buzzerstar -
  8. NGINX Open Source powers BuzzerStar -
  9. BuzzerStar runs on UBUNTU SERVER EDITION -
  10. BuzzerStar uses PERL for Scripting Task in the Ubuntu Server Background -
  11. BuzzerStar uses PHP & PHP Caching with NGINX for Serving the Websites -