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Chat bots, AI bots and intelligent Agents will help us in our future life.

We all have read and heard about that in the media and news magazines: Chatbots and intelligent AI Agents will enrich and enhance our nowadays communication with apps chats & daily conversations – allowing businesses to leverage the inexpensive technology to engage with more consumers.

But first lets discuss what are AI bots agents or chatbots for?

  1. Chatbots are well suited for mobile — Messaging is at the heart of the mobile experience as the rapid adoption of chat apps demonstrates – with possibilities to take over annoying parts of our daily like like finding the cheapest flight and booking the best restaurant for you and your wife in the evening.
  2. The chatbot ecosystem is already robust encompassing many different third-party chat bots native bots distribution channels and enabling technology companies – we will see customer support shift email and phone over to WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger intelligent AI agents and chatbots will take over to help you with your request.
  3. Chatbots could be lucrative for messaging apps and the developers who build bots for these platforms similar to how app stores have developed into moneymaking ecosystems – imagine you are talking to your best friend about a new Playstation 4 Game on Whatsapp a short Popup message asks you “Do you want to play that tonight?” You press yes and the AI chatbot orders it for you with your Amazon Prime account.

What is the best way to learn and write a AI Chat bot?

    1. [Link:] -> Growbot adds fun reactions and points to encourage teamwork.
    1. [Link:] -> Howdy is a friendly trainable bot that super powers teams by automating common tasks.
    1. [Link:] -> Add a natural language interface to your application to automate interactions with your end users. Common applications include virtual agents and chat bots that can integrate and communicate on any channel or device.
    1. [Link:] -> 100 Best Masters and PhD Theses in AI & NLP (Conversational Agents)
    1. [Link:] -> Matt Schlicht on LinkedIN – get in contact with an Artificial Intelligence and Virtual BOTS expert
    2. [Link:] -> Read the blog that is The #1 Place to Learn About Chatbots

What new business models can bots (chat bots) enable?

    1. Bots As A Services – will replicate business models being used by existing graphical user interfaces (we await that B2B bots the SaaS model is going to be the business model trend for the next years (Forrester predicts SaaS and cloud-based business application services revenue is will reach $32.8B in 2016)
    1. Bots + Sponsored & Native Content is created published and pushed to all the social media channels via chatbots (see BuzzFeed: [Link:] )
    1. Bot Leveraged Affiliate Marketing – the model was quite simple find a product that people were searching for frequently create a website and landing page that would bring in traffic run some ads and then profit all done automatically with the help of a chat bot – here is an example [Link:]
    1. Bots For Data/Research Sales & Services – bots will do research for you [Link:])
    1. Bot Lead Generation Business[Link:] – Create a landing page. Acquire targeted leads. Sell leads to targeted suppliers. Profit.
    1. Pure Retail Sales – a store selling directly to the consumer (B2C) through the automatic chatbot on a messenger platform
  1. Cost Per Conversation/Task – People will be willing to pay to have conversations with the bots that can help them with various challenges in life. Ask the Mechanic Bot questions about your car ask the Marriage Bot what to dress best on your happiest day – and pay for that information.

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