Action Movie Kid Has A Field Day - Funny Virals!

Action Movie Kid Has A Field Day - Funny Virals!
Lustige Bilder: Action Movie Kid Has A Field Day - Funny Virals!

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Action Movie Kid has risen the Ashes (of course not it was born a baby like every other human being too) - but now it returns with the beginning of a new series of action movies. It started with some excruciatingly funny videos with visual video tricks that a Graphic Designer Daniel Hashimoto has created for this adorable son. The special effects that Mr. Hashimoto has made are outstanding: his son is swinging a star wars light saber is using the gravity gun Portal or stunt flying with Dumbo the elephant through the air. us and watch this cool Video collection - #HaveAFieldDay.

Funny Video Super Kids Epic Showdown | Action Movie Kid Has A Field Day

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Lustiges Video: Action Movie Kid Has A Field Day - Funny Virals!

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SUBSCRIBE ►► Behind the Effects ► The Slowest Rube Goldberg Ever: Raising kids is always an adventure, but what happens when your children have superpowers? Action Movie Kid goes on his grandest adventure yet as he bands together with his baby sister to resist the evil Alpha Tots Academy who wants to take them away.Field Day is a place to meet and see the YouTube’s most inspired filmmakers, dynamic entertainers, and exciting personalities. Each week, one of these inspired creators tries something new and creates their own unique, imaginative, dream video. Whether they’re investigating far-off places, dancing with remote control cars, or stunt flying with Star Fox, you won’t want to miss these creators #HaveAFieldDaySUBSCRIBE to FIELD DAY: FOLLOW @WatchFieldDay TWITTER: FOLLOW @WatchFieldDay INSTAGRAM: LIKE us on FACEBOOK:Field Day is produced in conjunction with Youtube and award-winning production company 1stAveMachine. Check out 1stAveMachine:SUBSCRIBE to ACTION MOVIE KID: FOLLOW AMK on FACEBOOK: FOLLOW AMK on TWITTER:WATCH MORE FIELD DAY: Tom Scott Explores California City: The Brothers Riedell Fall in Love With Greyhound Dogs: The Slowest Rube Goldberg Ever: Love Wins in All 50 States: Hollywood Solves Sexism: “Cat Hospital” Soap Opera: Icelandic Pun Battle: Colin Furze Rides a Motorhorse: Dinosaur Extinction in Slow Mo: Video Game Paintball!!!: Dancers Prank New York:BEHIND THE SCENES: The Secret To Tom Scott’s Red Shirt: The Brothers Riedell on Their First Doc: Bob’s Inventive Process: Yulin’s Love For Love: Swoozie’s Animation Imagination: Just Between Us Comedy Gold: Colin on his Mental channel: Behind Directing Cats: Hilarious Behind Puns: Blind Paintbal BTS: Vsauce’s Michael on the trek to Alaska: MatPat on facing his fear of flying for the sake of science: How The 3-Part Prank Started: Mike Relm and the Slow Motion Zombies: Action Movie Dad Shows His VFX Magic: Amymarie on the set of her 1st music video: Cut on the amazing makeup artists who aged the couple:ACTION MOVIE KIDS CREDITSDIRECTED AND PRODUCED BY Daniel Hashimoto Matt HarryWRITTEN BY Matt HarryBASED ON CHARACTERS CREATED BY Daniel Hashimoto EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS Andrew Geller Garrett Fennelly Alex Shepsman Jordan Stone PRODUCERS Dave Kornfield Taryn Nagle DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Tarin Maja Anderson PRODUCTION DESIGNER Juliane Crump CAST Action Movie Family … Daniel Hashimoto Mandy Richardville James Hashimoto Sophia Hashimoto Mystery Man … Brian Baumgartner Crenshaw … Ashley Bank ATA Mercenary …Grey Wears ATA Mercenary … Stefon Cromartie ATA Mercenary … Alex Schepsman ATA Mercenary … Jason Stovall ATA Mercenary … Matt Harry Alpha Tot 1 … Ronan Harry Alpha Tot 2 … Sasha Udovich EDITORS Matt Harry Mike Pedraza SOUND DESIGNERS Matt Harry Mike Pedraza ONLINE EDITOR Marco Cordero VISUAL EFFECTS SUPERVISOR Daniel Hashimoto VISUAL EFFECTS ARTISTS Erik Tillmans Jason Stovall Claire Williams Marisa Ledina Richard Ramazinski Shandy TamMODELING AND ANIMATION Shandy Tam Henry Hilare GAFFER Rob Auld-Wright KEY GRIP Anthony Barrese ASSISTANT CAMERA Ian Barbella STEADICAM OPERATOR Dennis Noyes DIT Giselle Gonzalez ART DIRECTOR Mandy Richardville SET DRESSERS Glenda Crump Lauren Penizotto HAIR & MAKEUP Giselle Gonzalez SOUND RECORDIST Brian Hackett KEY SET PA Gray Clevenger PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS Eshan Parikh Jenny Sterner CHILD WRANGLERS Victoria Hawkins Sarah Richardville Randy Richardville Vehicles provided by the Shvartsman Family, The Cohne Family, and Yvette Core and Family. Shot entirely on location in Hashiville, USA © 2015 Daniel Hashimoto & Matt Harry ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Action Movie Kid © 2014 Daniel Hashimoto All characters and scenarios depicted in this film are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. ACTION MOVIE KIDS WILL RETURN